Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wobbly Boot

Road Trip - Friday/Saturday

Got up at 4.00 am, by 5.00 was ready to put in a call home, spoke v briefly to Katharine and Arwen and then it was time to go. Took loads of pix on the way, but have yet to figure how to upload more than one at a time to this blog package - every time I upload one the last one seems to disappear!

Anyways, after a ten hour journey, we arrive in Dubbo, and naturally headed for the nearest pub. This isn't it, but I this is one we saw on the way, and it merits inclusion by nature of the name - the Wobbly Boot.

Tomorrow when I get some time I'm gonna sit down and figure out how to get a gallery of the pix I've taken so far onto this site. Before that though, we've got the reunion, so more drinking, eating and catching up with people I haven't seen for 35 years to do!


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